Community Profile Released


The Community Profile is our report on existing conditions in the study area. It provides a snapshot of the people, places, and possibilities in the Ka‛ahumanu Ave Community Corridor. 


The Ka‘ahumanu Ave Community Corridor is an exciting initiative to develop a community-supported vision for affordable housing and new transportation options on Maui’s busiest corridor. We look forward to working with you to envision a new future for the 2.5 miles of Ka‘ahumanu Avenue that connect Kahului and Wailuku. 

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Why now?

Maui is growing, and we are facing challenges like never before. We’re in the midst of a global pandemic and an affordable housing crisis. But we are resilient. We can provide opportunities for economic development and new jobs and homes, supported with new travel options for people to keep Maui livable and accessible. The Ka‘ahumanu Ave Community Corridor provides an opportunity for us to do this and so much more. Join us!  

What does transit-oriented development (TOD) mean for Maui?

Connected, walkable communities, organized around transit

Mixed land uses, with workforce and affordable housing

Great places that are safe and comfortable

What's the schedule?​

Our work began in August 2020 and will continue through November 2021. It will unfold in three major phases, and there will be opportunities for you to learn, vision, and advance with us as the project moves ahead.  


August 2020-
January 2021







  • Understand the history and current conditions of the study area 

  • Explore potential for economic development and affordable housing 

  • Ground the future opportunities based on our needs 


  • Community Profile and Existing Conditions Summary 

  • Market Analysis and Affordable Housing Report

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