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Our Work: Draft Action Plan

The Ka‘ahumanu Ave Community Corridor Action Plan will make it safer and more convenient to walk, roll, bike, or ride Maui Bus to reach destinations along and around Ka‘ahumanu Avenue and Main Street. It identifies strategies to increase affordable housing, support local businesses, and better connect people to the places they want to go.  


The community’s input has shaped the recommendations in this Action Plan—we’ve heard from thousands of Maui residents over the last 18 months and have used your ideas to set the priorities for Ka‘ahumanu Avenue and Main Street.  


The Ka‘ahumanu Ave Community Corridor Action Plan is an important first step in creating a place where people from the island can stay connected to one another, afford a home, earn a living wage, express Maui’s culture and history, and thrive. 


Action Plan Summary (pages or spreads

The Action Plan Summary provides a high-level look at our process, priority recommendations, and potential next steps. It’s a quick and easy read that tells you what you most need to know.  


Community Corridor Action Plan (LARGE FILES: pages or spreads

Want to know more? The full Action Plan is for you! With six chapters and all the detail you could want, the Action Plan provides specific recommendations for the Community Corridor and looks carefully at five focus areas.  


Action Plan Chapters 

If you’re only interested in one or two topics, feel free to choose the chapter that best meets your needs. These smaller files will be easier to download, too! 

  • Chapter 1: Introduction (LARGE FILES: pages or spreads

  • Chapter 2: Community Corridor Vision (LARGE FILES: pages or spreads

  • Chapter 3: Transit-Oriented Community Readiness (LARGE FILES: pages or spreads

  • Chapter 4: Corridor and Focus Area Strategies (LARGE FILES: pages or spreads

  • Chapter 5: implementation and Funding (LARGE FILES: pages or spreads

  • Chapter 6: Moving Forward (LARGE FILES: pages or spreads

Three Project Phases



Our early efforts focused on understanding all we could about Ka‘ahumanu Avenue and the people who live, work, and play on and around the corridor. We looked to the past and dug into what is here today. We explored the market conditions, who travels the corridor, and where there is potential for new housing.  There are many previous plans and studies  that helped our learning, and we heard from many Maui residents, too. We asked people what Ka‘ahumanu Avenue means to them and where they see big opportunities for the future.  



Grounded in a full understanding of the corridor's history and its current conditions, we worked with you to create a community-supported vision for the corridor. This provided an opportunity to look ahead, to really think about what we want Ka‘ahumanu Avenue to be. We considered all the ways people will move—by walking or rolling, biking, taking the bus, and driving—as well as opportunities for affordable and workforce housing, economic development, sustainable and resilient infrastructure, and expressing our culture and history. Together, we created new ideas for connections and land uses that will make this corridor work for everyone.   



The only way to make your vision a reality is to plan with implementation in mind. The Ka‘ahumanu Community Corridor needs strong partners and careful thinking about the federal, state, local, and private funding sources that can help us move forward. We’ve shared our ideas in the draft Action Plan, and now we’re asking for your help thinking about how we advance the community priorities for this corridor. Visions are good, but action is better. We hope you’ll become champions for taking the first steps.  

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