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While you’re on the hunt, consider how the Items to Find make Ka‘ahumanu Avenue and Main Street safer and more enjoyable.


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No groups or gatherings? No problem!

Join our no-contact Scavenger Hunt. Head out on foot or with your mobility device, on a bike, by bus, or by car to see how many items you can find from our list.

Then share your photos via email or with 


and you’ll be entered to win a prize! 


​How it Works


Gather your gear—you’ll need a camera (on your phone is great), our list of Items to Find (see below or download a pdf version), a face mask, and water to stay hydrated. 


Explore Ka‘ahumanu Avenue and Main Street between Kahului and Wailuku to look for our list of items before January 13, 2021.  


Take a picture of each item you find and share them on social media—be sure to tag your photos with #kaahumanumaui or email them to us.


Each week, we’ll hold a prize drawing for participants who have emailed us photos or tagged posts on social media. You could win a gift card to a local business, bike safety gear, or other great prizes!


Tips to Participate

Everyone is welcome but if you're under 16 years old, ask a parent or guardian to join your team.

Follow Maui County and State of Hawai‘i guidelines on group gatherings and social distancing—stay at least 6 feet away from others while you’re exploring and wear a face mask, as appropriate.

Don’t trespass onto private property.

Take photos with people in them, whether yourself, friends, or others.

Items to Find


Items to Find


Future Mural Location

Wailuku Town has beautiful murals that brighten blank walls. Snap a picture of a location on Main St or Ka‘ahumanu Ave for a new one.

Items to Find

Water Access

Some people swim in pools, some people swim in oceans. Take a picture of people enjoying the water near the corridor, whether in a canoe, on a surfboard, or swimming.



Parks come in all shapes and sizes. Is your favorite a ball field, a playground, or a garden? Show us where you relax or play along the corridor.

Place to Plant a Tree 

Take a photo of a spot that needs a tree. Trees are awesome because they provide shade and help clean the air.



Did you know you can find cool sculptures on Ka‘ahumanu Ave? Find the stone fish sculpture at Maui Mall Village, a group of metal trees on the UH campus, or another interesting sculpture.

Maui Bus

Maui Bus moves a lot of people around the island each day. Can you catch a bus zooming down the street? Or find people getting on board at a stop in the area?


Place Where You Can Get Your Shop On

Snap a pic of your favorite place to shop. Is it a store in Wailuku, the Queen Ka'ahumanu Center, or somewhere else?

Interesting Sign

Businesses use fun signs to let you know how to find them. Show us one along the corridor that you think is pretty neat.


Utility Box To Paint

Painting a utility box makes it go from plain to poppin’. Look for one that needs some love on the corner of an intersection with a traffic signal.

Tough Place to Walk

Sometimes a sidewalk ends, or you can’t cross the street—what a bummer. Help us find locations along the corridor that need sidewalks or safe crossings. Can you find a spot that would be really tough for someone in a wheelchair or pushing a stroller?


Bench or Place to Sit

Snap a selfie of you sitting on a bench. Is it
outside a library? At a bus stop? In a park? Can’t wait to find out!

Beautiful Maui

Maui is full of natural, historic, and cultural sites, and the view into the ‘Iao Valley is amazing. Snap a pic that truly captures the beauty of Maui.


Stay in the Loop

We’ve got a lot of ways for you to help us think about the future of the Ka‘ahumanu Ave Community Corridor, and there will be more to come. Click the buttons below to take a survey, share ideas on a map, or sign up for email updates!

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